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Victor School Foundation

Victor School District was established in 1910. Since that time, its buildings and programs have provided outstanding educational opportunities for the community’s children and adults; a center for musical, theatrical, and sports events; and a year-round gathering place for community activities.

In November 1999, a group of community members formed the nonprofit, tax-exempt Victor Schools Foundation to provide a way for people to give something back to the schools.

Donation Form

Your tax exempt donation to the Victor Schools Foundation can provide:

  • unique academic and extracurricular opportunities for students
  • student scholarships
  • enrichment opportunities in music and the arts
  • support for libraries and technology
  • teacher scholarships for advanced training

  • To show your support...

  • write a check
  • make an annual pledge
  • include the Foundation in your estate planning
  • donate real estate
  • give stocks and bonds
  • For more information, to share your ideas, or to get involved, contact any of the Foundation Board members:

    Belle Burrington
    Vickie Lantz
    Kay Clevidence
    Jean Schurman
    Lois Dobberstein
    Barbara Jean Stephani
    Bill Stephani

    The Victor Schools Foundation is a tax exempt, nonprofit organization. Your donation is deductible to the extent allowed by law. (See Tax Exempt) Donations to the Victor Schools Foundation will be used to help fund programs benefitting Victor Schools students. Gifts may be made to the Foundation to honor a student or staff member, in memory of a loved one, or simply to support excellence in the Victor Schools.

    Your gift, in any amount, may be directed to the following:

    Endowment Fund:
    Donations to this fund will be invested. The interest earned on the investment will be used to support projects approved by the Foundation Board. Donations to the Endowment Fund may be eligible for a Montana State tax credit.

    Special Projects Fund:
    Donation to this fund will be used to support selected programs and projects at the discretion of the Foundation Board.

    Designated Fund:
    A donation to this fund will be used for the purpose specified by the donor.

    Un-designated Donations:
    Donations not directed to any of the three funds will be divided, with 80% placed in the Endowment Fund and 20% placed in the Special Projects Fund.